Vision Without Glasses

The Bates method eye exercises and eye improvement techniques are based on the work of Dr. William Bates, an expert in the field of vision problems. Dr. Bates was a graduate of Cornell University and taught ophthalmology in various New York educational institutions. While researching the field of vision, he became convinced that it was possible to improve vision naturally without relying on glasses, contacts or surgical procedures. Many of his techniques have been used by school age children in order to lessen eye strain during the early years and prevent future eyesight loss. Although teachers noticed marked decline in eyestrain, many later abandoned the method because they felt it was too time consuming and detracted them from the work of teaching. The method remains popular in China, however.

However, the methods that were developed by Dr. Bates are suitable for all ages, and can even help adults reverse vision loss through strengthening their eyes. One of the standard elements of the Bates’ method is an eye chart that promotes eye relaxation and reduces eye strain.

To learn more about how to successfully implement the Bates method, checkout Vision Without Glasses, which details the process and provides instant access to the necessary tools and instruction.


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